Longevity means undisturbed function and starts at the smallest unit. This applies to our health as it does to relationships, our environment, or to the integrity of any corporate business. For us, the smallest unit is the cell. Dysfunctional cells always lead to a dysfunction of their organ. Initially, dysfunction remains undetected as long as there is no suffering. As disturbances of function increase, suffering will appear, and we call it disease [Dys Ease = comprised ease]. Diseases comprise the overall function of the body. Most pharma, only target symptoms, not the source of Dysfunction.

We do. 

Injuries follow the same principle. Like a compass, pain is a signal that guides us to the cause of the problem. In most cases, the cause is not at the same site as the symptoms.

We take all the time needed to understand your problem without muting the alarm signals of your organism with medication. We value this as the only chance to recover your body’s function. 

Welcome to our Center of Longevity and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Homayun Gharavi, MD PhD PhD

5 x Olympic Physician & Exercise Scientist


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Epigenetics - A new Understanding of Health

Obesity, hypo- or hyperthyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, high blood cholesterol, sleep and digestive problems, diabetes, allergies & intolerances, vitiligo (pigmentation disorders), alopecia areata, dementia, high blood pressure – the list is long and gets longer the more civilized societies live. It is genetics, they say. 

What if … you were told that you can actually control how your Genoma is read in a positive way and increase your Longevity? 

We now know that disturbances in your microbiome (all living beings that colonize our intestines) can lead to these civilization disorders.

With cutting edge laboratory technology, we identify microbiome deficiencies and are well able to restore your individual intestinal bacterial strains by restoring their habitat. This happens with a multi-dimensional approach, as there is no single switch to solve complex interactions of your metabolism.


Book our Health Intervention Programmes


Our Health Intervention Program (HIP) will target your overall health by carefully polishing your wellbeing via three interdependent routes: Structure, Function and Metabolism. Regular consultations with the physician the progress of your dominant complaints will be monitored. Every day you will go through two therapy sessions with our experienced physiotherapist team. We will re-fuel your vitamin supplies by tailored cocktails administered by IV infusion. 

Benefit from: HRV, Blood analyses, Microbiome analyses, PRP, Deep Frequency Therapy, Micro-Current Therapy, Physiotherapy, Muscle Extension Therapy, Nutrition Consultation, Cooking Class.

We will stay at your side for 4 – 6 Months, kicking it off with a two week HIP at our Center. 

At the end of the week, you will experience your body differently and, above all, gain a new understanding of the simple influence you can have on your well-being – your metabolism, your skin, your weight, your mobility, your fitness – on your health.

We enrich you with simple rules for exercise and nutrition with which you can continue on your newly chosen path at home and look forward to welcoming you – whenever you think it is necessary – at any time for a day or two for a refresher.

Most of our patients travel from further afield so we are experienced and experienced in helping you with airport transfer or accommodation reservations.

Contact us to find out whether our HIP is suitable for your goals in a first telephone appointment. 

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine isn’t just reserved for athletes. Our oldest patients are over 80 and benefit from my experience as a team doctor and trainer just as much as the Olympic athletes who have given me the chance to grow into this elite field over the past 20 years.

Today, I understand Sports Medicine as the art of mediating between Sports and Medicine. The Understanding that a pain free life must always be achieved in motion. While we all agree, that movement generally is fundamental, we specifically value the precision in the ‘HOW’ of a movement. It represents the key stimulus for a re-adaptation of your body structures.

Our modern therapy and training concepts, with which my patients experience progressive rehabilitation and reconditioning with us, result from this understanding.

Team Care during training camps and competitions

No accident is unpreventable, specially when it comes to injuries during performance. We offer professional team care during and around training camps and major sporting events.

Full-service support shall support of your athletes to a quick and sustainable return to competition.

Services at a glance:

  • Critical triage, examination and diagnostics.
  • Consulting and medical coverage of your sporting event.
  • Warm-Up, taping and other pre-game preps.
  • Acute injury mangement.
  • Collecting multiple opinions for more complex cases. 
  • Progressive rehabilitation protocols. 
  • Design & execution of the re-conditioning. 
  • Return to competition.
Some of my


Johanna Goliszewski
Badminton, DE
Airine Palsyte
Hochspringerin, LTU
Patrick Schönfeld
Fußball, DE
Dimitrij Balandin
Brustschwimmer, KAZ
Therese Alshammar
Schwimmerin, SWE
Kostas Skrabulis
Leichtathlet / 100m, LTU
Jürgen Klinsmann
Fußball, DE
Dominic Hanselmann
American Football, DE


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